Connect to Neo4j Aura with Neo4j Driver

We should have created and started a Neo4j Aura database instance. If we have not already, we can follow the instructions in the getting started guide to step through the process.


Get database credentials

When using any of the language drivers, before we try to connect to our Neo4j Aura Database, we’ll need three pieces of information:

  • Bolt URL

  • Username

  • Password

If we open our Neo4j Aura Console Dashboard, we’ll see a list of our databases.

We’ll need to use the Bolt URL, so let’s copy that onto our clipboard:

The default username is neo4j and the default password is generated on database creation.

For the database described above we’d have the following credentials:

  • Bolt URL - bolt+routing://

  • Username - neo4j

  • Password - our-super-secret-password

Connect with driver

Now that we’ve got our credentials, we’re ready to connect using a driver.

The Drivers and Languages Guides page gives an overview of Neo4j drivers and explains the Bolt protocol used to interact with the database. There are also guides for individual language drivers, including officially supported ones for the following languages:

Help and Questions

Helpful guides and support are available on the Aura support pages.

You can also ask questions and connect with other people launching Neo4j Aura at the cloud topic on the Community Site.