Connect to Neo4j AuraDB with Neo4j Desktop

In this page, we will learn how to connect the Neo4j Desktop application to an instance in Neo4j AuraDB. This gives us the opportunity to have a single portal for interacting with all instances of Neo4j, whether local databases or databases located in various clouds.
We should have created and started a Neo4j AuraDB database instance. If we have not already, we can follow the instructions in the getting started guide to step through the process. We should also have downloaded and installed the Neo4j Desktop application. If you have not already, you can download it and follow the installation instructions that appear once you click to download.


Desktop Remote Instance

When we create a new graph in Neo4j Desktop, we have the option to create a local graph or a remote graph. Because the Neo4j AuraDB instance is hosted remotely, we will be connecting to a remote instance. We can do this with a few steps.

  1. Navigate to the Neo4j AuraDB Console and confirm your instance is running. Take note of the URL (or use the copy button next to it to copy it to your clipboard), as we will need to use it later.

  2. Choose the Projects tab in Neo4j Desktop [1], then choose or create a project [2], and click Add Database [3] in the right pane.

  3. Choose the option to connect to a Remote Graph

  4. Enter a name for the database (can match name in cloud or can be different) and copy/paste the URL from the Neo4j AuraDB console (see Step 1) to the second input. Once complete, click Next.

  5. Now we need to choose an authentication method. Neo4j AuraDB instances require username and password authentication, so click the Username/password button.

  6. On this screen, we enter our credentials. By default, the username for your Neo4j AuraDB database will be neo4j and unless you have changed it, the password will be the one generated for you when you created your AuraDB database. If you have created another user for your AuraDB database, you can use this instead. AuraDB databases require an encrypted connection, so ensure the box is checked for Use encrypted connection before clicking Next.

  7. If the connection succeeds, we will see our database name and url. To activate the connection, click the Connect button in lower right. Once activated, we can disconnect with the same button, open Neo4j Browser with the Open button to the left or open a Graph App using the dropdown menu next to the Open button.

Neo4j Desktop only allows 1 connection at a time to a database (local or remote).

Note: Deactivating in Neo4j Desktop will not shut down or stop the remote instance - only temporarily close the connection to it in Neo4j Desktop.

Interacting with the database

Just as with other databases in Neo4j Desktop, you can install graphapps for monitoring and other functionality. To do this, we can follow the same process to install the graph application that you need and open it from Neo4j Desktop or a web browser with the running and activated Neo4j AuraDB instance.

Help and Questions

Helpful guides and support are available on the AuraDB support pages.

You can also ask questions and connect with other people launching Neo4j AuraDB at the cloud topic on the Community Site.