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Monitoring a Neo4j Aura Database

In this page, we will learn how to monitor our Neo4j Aura database.
We should have created and started a Neo4j Aura database instance. If we have not already, we can follow the instructions in the getting started guide to step through the process.

Now that we’ve created our Neo4j Aura database, we’re going to learn how to monitor it.

Built-in metrics

If we open our Neo4j Aura Console Dashboard, we’ll see a list of our databases.

We’ll click on the name of our database, which will take us to the database overview page:

Once we’ve clicked this button, we’ll see the following screen, which gives us a high level overview of some important metrics:

These metrics should be sufficient for understanding what’s happening in the Aura database, but if you think that there’s something missing don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to help.

Help and Questions

Helpful guides and support are available on the Aura support pages.

You can also ask questions and connect with other people launching Neo4j Aura at the cloud topic on the Community Site.