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Developer Guides

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Neo4j in Production

Are you preparing to deploy Neo4j into production? This section features guides and tutorials to help you understand how best to deploy Neo4j.

Topics include:

  • High Availability Clustering
  • Performance Tuning
  • Hardware Calculator
  • Cloud Deployment Options

When running Neo4j in production, especially in business critical applications, it makes a lot of sense to work with the Enterprise Edition as it provides improved scalability, monitoring and operations features.

Make sure to check out our 30 day Enterprise Edition Trial!

Sizing & Performance Tuning

This guide explains Neo4j sizing and hardware calculation tips and best practices. You’ll learn how to calculate the recommended hardware configuration for your Neo4j deployment.

This guide explains Configuration and Performance Tuning best practices and troubleshooting tips. It includes topics such as cache sizing, JVM configuration, Memory Mapped IO (MMIO) settings, and logical log configuration.


This guide describes how to configure clustering in an Enterprise Neo4J installation. This includes topics such as data synchronization, mending procedures, configuring an arbiter and slave-only mode configuration.

Today, the Cloud is a default deployment options for many applications. Deploying Neo4j to IaaS and PaaS providers as well as offerings from hosting partners is documented and referenced in this guide.