Introduction to Graph Databases Video Series

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Hello aspiring graphistas,

Welcome to the Intro to Graph Databases video series. We’ve created this series to teach people of all levels how graph databases work and when they’re best applied.

If you’re already familiar with SQL and NoSQL databases, you may skip some of the beginning content (or watch at 1.5x as many of us do!).

Hope you enjoy and stay in touch on the Community Site if you have any questions or problems during your learning journey. If you’d prefer courses that mix video content with writtent content, exercises and quizes, please check out Neo4j GraphAcademy online training.

- Michael Hunger
Caretaker General for the Neo4j Community

Episode 1: Evolution of Databases

Episode 1 video
Takes you through the evolution of databases, as the shape of our data and volume of data has changed - from RDBMS to key value, to document DBs, to Neo4j.

Episode 2: Properties of Graph DBs and Usecases

Episode 2 video
Introduces the three properties which make graph databases loved by the developer community and big companies like eBay - intuitiveness, speed, and agility.

Episode 3: Property Graph Model

Episode 3 video
Teaches how the property graph represents data, starting with a basic example: Dan Loves Ann. Discusses nodes, relationships, and properties on both nodes and relationships. Labels, directionality, and Cypher CREATE statements are also introduced.

Episode 4: (RDBMS+SQL) to (Graphs+Cypher)

Episode 4 video
Ready to build your application with Neo4j? This video introduces you to the three key steps: creating the model, loading data, querying. Much of the episode covers moving from RDBMS to Graphs. As David Meza from NASA says, "I love Neo4j because I can explore relationships faster than you can say SQL JOIN.

Episode 5: Cypher, the Graph Query Language

Episode 5 video
This episode of the Intro to Graph Databases Series introduces the viewer to the evolution of developer surfaces for Neo4j, reviews the Property Graph model and then dives into creating, querying and updating data in the graph.  It also touches upon creating uniqueness constraints and the differences between CREATE and MERGE.

Episode 6: Continuing with Cypher

Episode 6 video
This episode of the Intro to Graph Databases Series dives a little deeper on Cypher, the graph query language. It discusses key elements of the Cypher syntax, including comparison operators, aggregation functions and boolean operators. The video also explains how aggregates are done differently in Cypher vs SQL and covers high level filtering techniques via the WHERE clause.