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Creating and configuring database-local roles

Neo4j 4.0 introduced advanced security features in the form of role-based access controls, much needed, especially with the introduction of multiple database functionality. These controls can be accessed by administrators…

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Explanation of error " Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown"

When connecting to a Neo4j instance with the Neo4j Browser, the following error may be logged in the $NEO4J_HOME\logs\debug.log This is usually as a result of either a bad certificate…

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LDAP Error: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

When configuring LDAP with certificates you may encounter the following issue: The problem appears when your server uses a self-signed certificate. To workaround it, you can add this certificate to…

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Resolve TLS certificate errors

TLS encryption is required everywhere. This is a compilation of few errors you can expect while configuring your server. openssl command is required to diagnose or manipulate the certificates. Check…

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TLS/SSL Configuration for Specific Ciphers

Per documentation: dbms.ssl.policy.<policyname>.ciphers is by default set to the Java platform default allowed cipher suites, which can also be explicitly set to any specific ciphers (separated by ",") to further…

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