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Configuring Remote JMX monitoring

In order to enable JMX Remote monitoring, edit the neo4j.conf file in Neo4j 3.1.x versions and uncomment the following lines:

After uncommenting the above lines, restart neo4j. If the neo4j process does not start, look in the logs/neo4j.log file and look for errors.

If you see one of the following errors:

Error: Password file not found: conf/jmx.password


Error: Access file not found: conf/jmx.access

It means neo4j it is unable to locate the jmx.password and/or jmx.access files. In order to fix this issue, one will need to specify the complete path for those files as shown below:$NEO4J_HOME/conf/jmx.password$NEO4J_HOME/conf/jmx.access

After making the above changes restart neo4j and verify that the database comes online.