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Fulltext search in Neo4j

Please note that in Neo4j 3.5 fulltext search is available in Neo4j as part of Cypher stored procedures. More documentation can be found here:

Fulltext search in Neo4j is supported by means of fulltext schema indexes. Fulltext schema indexes are created, dropped, and updated transactionally, and are automatically replicated throughout a cluster.

For example let’s say we have a database containing books and movies. Both have the properties title and description, but only the books have the property review.

We can create a fulltext index on nodes with label :Movie or :Book that have the properties title, description and review. We give it the name titlesAndDescriptions.

CALL db.index.fulltext.createNodeIndex("titlesAndDescriptions",["Movie", "Book"],["title", "description", "review"])

Let’s see what results we get from the following query:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("titlesAndDescriptions", "Full Metal Jacket") YIELD node, score
RETURN node.title,, score
Table 1. Result
node.title score

"Full Metal Jacket"



"The Jacket"



"Full Moon High"



"Yellow Jacket"



Then movie nodes will be included in the index, even though they only have one of the indexed labels, and only two of the indexed properties.

Also, as you can see, fulltext indexes will, in addition to any exact matches, also return approximate matches to a given query. The score that is returned alongside each result entry, represents how well the index thinks that entry matches the query. The results are always returned in descending score order, where the best matching result entry is put first.

What if we wish to only get results that match the search string entered? When we put 'Full Metal Jacket' in quotes, we get only exact matches:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("titlesAndDescriptions", "'Full Metal Jacket'") YIELD node, score
RETURN node.title, score
Table 2. Result
node.title score

"Full Metal Jacket"


We can also use logical operators, such as AND and OR, to search for terms:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("titlesAndDescriptions", 'full AND metal') YIELD node, score
RETURN node.title, score

Only the "Full Metal Jacket" movie in our database has both the words "full" and "metal":

Table 3. Result
node.title score

"Full Metal Jacket"


It is also possible to search for only specific properties, by putting the property name and a colon in front of the text being searched for:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("titlesAndDescriptions", 'description:"surreal adventure"') YIELD node, score
RETURN node.title, node.description, score
Table 4. Result
node.title node.description score

"Metallica Through The Never"

"The movie follows the young roadie Trip through his surreal adventure with the band."


Similar to nodes, fulltext indexes can be created on relationships.

For the full description of fulltext search in Neo4j, see:

Fulltext schema indexes are powered by the Apache Lucene indexing and search library. A complete description of the Lucene query syntax can be found in the Lucene documentation.