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How do I convert a property representing a date timestamp to another timezone

Temporal datatype support was introduced with with Neo4j 3.4 and as a result it is possible to record a date timestamp with timezone as a property value.

The following Cypher can be used to convert a date timestamp with timezone from one timezone to another

MATCH (n:Person)
       where    exists(n.date_enrolled)
       return   n.date_enrolled,
                datetime({datetime:datetime(n.date_enrolled), timezone:'America/New York'}) as EST limit 1;

For example using the following data

CREATE (n:Person) set n.date_enrolled='2019-02-26T01:23:40Z'

in this case the property date_enrolled is recorded as a string and represents 2019-02-26 at time 01:23:40 UTC

and the above MATCH statement will return:

n.date_enrolled       | EST