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How do I display date and time of when neo4j was started and other metrics

The following Cypher will utilize the JMX metrics as part of 3.1 Enterprise and display the date/time when Neo4j was started.

CALL dbms.queryJmx("org.neo4j:instance=kernel#0,name=Kernel") yield attributes
       with  keys(attributes) as k , attributes
       unwind k as row
       return row,
         case row
             when 'StoreCreationDate' then[row]["value"],"ms", null,
             when 'KernelStartTime' then[row]["value"],"ms", null,
             else attributes[row]["value"] end as value;

which will produce output similar to:

"KernelVersion", "neo4j-kernel, version: 3.1.0-M13-beta3,ce6b3ff5d345f11e981c1fe5be4b0fe3640c5aee"
"DatabaseName", "graph.db"
"MBeanQuery", "org.neo4j:instance=kernel#0,name=*"
"StoreId", "43a957e6b0c46148"
"ReadOnly", FALSE
"StoreCreationDate", "2016-11-04 20:34:32"
"StoreLogVersion", 0
"KernelStartTime", "2016-11-18 18:24:18"

In the above output, the StoreCreationDate and KernelStartTime are expressed in the system timezone time. Note that this Cypher utilizes the user defined function which is included as part of the APOC package.