Cypher Favorites are common Cypher statements which one can save to the left panel of the Neo4j browser. A Favorite is created by entering the Cypher at the top prompt and then clicking the Favorite icon to the right as depicted:


After clicking on the Favorite Icon, the title of the Cypher statement (in this case ‘my favorite Cypher’) will be added to the left panel of the browser. For example:


These favorites are stored in local browser storage and as such are centric to the user/browser who has recorded those favorites. Additionally, if one clears their browser cache, recorded favorites will be removed.   To export favorites, use the Developer Console of Google Chrome and connect to the Neo4j browser URL.   1. Launch Google Chrome and connect to the Neo4j browser http://localhost:7474 2. Access the Devleoper Console, within Google Chrome    * Use the keyboard shortcut Command  Option  J (Mac) or Control+ Shift + J (Windows/Linux).

  1. Enter the following in the Developer Console and hit return   var res = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(‘neo4j.documents’))  for (x in res) \{ console.log(res[x][‘content’]) }  
  2. Your output should be similar to the following, which lists the statements to recreate your Favorites   image


Dana Canzano
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