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How do I override browser configuration settings

Commencing with Neo4j 3.2.2 one can override default configuration settings of the browser whereby a number of these settings are defined under the left frame and through the 'gears' icon.

To implement said functionality you would first need to know the name of the parameter which defines the functionality. This can be displayed by running from the browser


and sample output is as follows:

  "cmdchar": ":",
  "maxHistory": 30,
  "theme": "normal",
  "useBoltRouting": false,
  "initCmd": ":play start",
  "initialNodeDisplay": 300,
  "maxNeighbours": 100,
  "showSampleScripts": true,
  "browserSyncDebugServer": null,
  "maxRows": "5000",
  "shouldReportUdc": true,
  "autoComplete": true,
  "scrollToTop": true,
  "maxFrames": 30,
  "editorAutocomplete": true

This can be changed globally for all users of the browser or one can also override these setting at the Cypher prompt through the browser.

The following describes how to change Max Frames from 50 to 10 and the Theme to Outline


To make the changes globally modify the $NEO4J_HOME/conf/neo4j.conf and add the following

browser.post_connect_cmd=config {maxFrames:10, theme: "outline"}

which would change the maxFrames from its default of 50 to 10 and then restart Neo4j.

Browser Instance

Within the browser at the Cypher prompt enter

:config {maxFrames:10, theme: "outline"}

Once making the change, rerunning :config should report that maxFrames has been set to 10, and the Theme is defined to 'Outline' and the Gears Icon should reflect this change.