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How do I pass parameters when calling apoc.cypher.runFile

APOC allows one to have a stored procedure, apoc.cypher.runFile, to then run the contents of the file to the Cypher engine. To allow the reading of the file in the conf/neo4j.conf one needs to define


and then if one defines a file, for example import/myRunFile.cyp and it contains the following content

create (n:Person {id:123, name:'Emil Eifrem'});

the running via Cypher

call apoc.cypher.runFile("myRunFile.cyp",{}) yield row, result;

will create the :Person node with id=123 and name='Emil Eifrem'.

However if you want to provide more flexibility such that you pass in via parameters the values for id and name this can be accomplished by changing the contents of the import/myRunFile.cyp such that it is defined as

create (n:Person { id: $id_p1, name: $name_p2});

and then calling the apoc.cypher.runfile as follows

call apoc.cypher.runFile("myRunFile.cyp",{parameters: {id_p1: 123, name_p2:'Emil Eifrem'}}) yield row, result;