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How to avoid using excessive memory on deletes involving dense nodes

In situations where you know you need to delete a bunch of nodes (and by rule their relationships as well), it can be tempting to simply use DETACH DELETE and be done with it. However, this can become problematic if you have dense nodes, or if you have a number of nodes with thousands of relationships per batch. Your "batch size" can quickly become much larger than you intend.

APOC allows us to work with this. Essentially, we want to find the set of nodes that we want to delete, pass that into a call to apoc.periodic.commit, and then batch the deletes by the first 10K relationships, then the next 10K, and so on until it is done. The following cypher works quite well on a large set of nodes. In this case, it is looking for :TTL labelled nodes who’s ttl property is older than the current time. It passes those into the periodic commit statement, and deletes in batches of 10K.

WHERE n.ttl < timestamp()
WITH collect(n) AS nn
CALL apoc.periodic.commit("
  UNWIND $nodes AS n
  WITH sum(size((n)--())) AS count_remaining,
       collect(n) AS nn
  UNWIND nn AS n
  OPTIONAL MATCH (n)-[r]-()
  WITH n, r, count_remaining
  LIMIT $limit
  RETURN count_remaining
",{limit:10000, nodes:nn}) yield updates, executions, runtime, batches, failedBatches, batchErrors, failedCommits, commitErrors
RETURN updates, executions, runtime, batches

Additionally, please consider reviewing KB document Large Delete Transaction Best Practices in Neo4j for other considerations