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How to configure off-heap transaction state

This feature is experimental in 3.5, on by default in 4.0.

Commencing with Neo4j 3.5, it is possible to store some of transactions' data in off-heap memory. This can help to reduce GC pressure and/or prevent OOM crashes in a limited set of use cases, such as:

  • Creating/removing huge number of entities in a single transaction

  • Creating/updating huge number of properties in a single transaction, especially if those are large strings

There are two relevant configuration parameters, both of which static and cannot be changed at run time.


This parameter controls whether transaction state should be stored on- or off-heap. Possible values are ON_HEAP and OFF_HEAP. Default value is ON_HEAP.


This parameter allows to set a global limit on amount of off-heap memory that can be used for storing transaction state data. Zero means "unlimited". Default value is 2G.