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Neo4j Streams - Kafka Integration - List of Must Gather for Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting issues on Neo4j Streams, use the below list of must gather information points to help investigating.

  1. Which Plugin/Module are you using?

    1. Neo4j Streams Source

    2. Neo4j Streams Sink

    3. Neo4j Streams Procedure

    4. Kafka Connect Sink. In case of using Sink, also provide the chosen data format (JSON or AVRO).

  2. List of plugin configuration:

    • If using Neo4j Streams then provide the list of properties used to configure sink into neo4j.conf file

    • If using Kafka Connect then provide the *.json or the *.properties file used to create the plugin instance into the Kafka Connect framework

  3. Apache Kafka Version

    • Go to Apache Kafka or Confluent Platform (depending on which distribution you are using) installation folder and then into /bin folder. Run the following command and provide the output: ./ --version

  4. Provide the Neo4j/Kafka Connect debug Log: If you are using the Neo4j plugin we need the neo4j.log file otherwise the Kafka Connect log file. The Kafka Connect log file is under the folder <kafka_connect_home>/logs/connectDistributed.out

  5. Kafka configuration

    • The configuration used to instantiate the Kafka Cluster configuration

  6. (OPTIONAL) Kafka metrics

    • Broker metrics

    • Producer metrics

    • Consumer metrics

    • Zookeeper metrics

    • By default metrics logs are under the server.log file

  7. (OPTIONAL) Neo4j metrics

    • The CSV file


Neo4j Streaming Data Integrations User Guide