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Running copy store tool on windows

The copy store utilities is a set of tools to compact, copy, fix and analyse Neo4j stores. You might already know this but if not, you can read more about it here.

You will notice that the execution is done by running a linux script. While we do not have any Windows batch file or Powershell script but we can run the copy store tool on Windows by following these easy steps:

  • Install OpenJDK or Oracle JDK

  • Download & Unpack Maven

  • Clone or download the copy store tool version correspondent that matches your Neo4j version here

You need to be running the correct version of the copy store tool for your Neo4j version. If you are running Neo4j 3.3.x, you should use the copy store version 3.3.4 for example.

  • Open a command window, browse to GitHub repository contents on your local hard-drive and run the following command:

$ ${maven.home}/mvn.cmd clean compile exec:java -Penterprise -e -Dexec.mainClass="org.neo4j.tool.StoreCopy" -Ddbms.pagecache.memory=2G -Ddbms.pagecache.memory.source=1G -Dexec.args="<SOURCE PATH> <DESTINATION PATH>"

such as:

$ c:\apache-maven-3.6.0\bin\mvn.cmd clean compile exec:java -Penterprise -e -Dexec.mainClass="org.neo4j.tool.StoreCopy" -Ddbms.pagecache.memory=2G -Ddbms.pagecache.memory.source=1G -Dexec.args="c:\\Users\\headw\\share\\neo4j-enterprise-3.4.9\\data\\databases\\graph.db c:\\sc.db"

You’ll need to set both the source and destination path by changing: -Dexec.args="<SOURCE PATH> <DESTINATION PATH>". Also, you can change -Ddbms.pagecache.memory=2G and -Ddbms.pagecache.memory.source=1G to change the memory consumption of this tool. You can get more information on the actual tool in its GitHub repo

This will compile and run the copy store utility on a Windows command line window.