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Explantion of "storeId is different from this machine" error

If you encounter a "Failed to serve TxPullRequest for …​ storeId xxxxxx because that storeId is different from this machine with Store…​" in your $NEO4J_HOME/logs/debug.log similar to:

INFO [o.n.c.c.t.TxPullRequestHandler] Failed to serve TxPullRequest for tx 29193 and
storeId Store{creationTime:1591347647541, randomId:6812995525063259919, upgradeTime:1591347647541, upgradeId:1}
because that storeId is different from this machine with Store
{creationTime:1595941375808, randomId:-4448032294085490672, upgradeTime:1595941375808, upgradeId:1}

This means that the storId is different. When a Neo4j instance starts, you will notice a line similar to the following entry in the debug.log:

INFO [o.n.c.c.s.LocalDatabase] Starting with storeId: Store
{creationTime:1582039045717, randomId:4716225943436743213, upgradeTime:1582039045717, upgradeId:1}

All instances in a Neo4j Causal Cluster will show a storeId (listed as randomId) entry similar to above in the `debug.log. If the storeId is different for any member of the cluster, the "storeId is different from this machine" error will show up.

How do you recover from this mismatch?

  1. Identify the Neo4j node that has the highest randomId, this is the storeId as show in the example above

  2. Take an online backup of the above node

  3. Stop the instance(s) that has a lower randomId

  4. Execute $bin/neo4j-admin unbind

  5. Restore the backup on that instance(s)

  6. Start Neo4j

Please feel free to open a ticket with Neo4j Support, if you have questions about this subject or if you enolunter this error.