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Assign or restrict CPU cores to Neo4j process

Operating system run performance-critical applications on multi-core processors using something called "processor affinity" or "CPU pinning". This feature "binds" a running process to particular CPU core(s), which can be beneficial…

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Control number of file handles created per Lucene Index

In the more recent Neo4j versions (3.4 onwards), the number of file handles opened by Neo4j may seem to increase compared with that in older versions. Native indexes require a…

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Displaying Query CPU Utilization and Allocated Bytes in Query log

In Neo4j 3.3 and prior versions, when query logging is enabled with the following configuration parameters: The log is written with output as shown below: Note that it displays CPU…

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Hosting Multiple Neo4j Instances On One Machine

This document lists some considerations whilst planning to host multiple neo4j instances on the same physical host machine. Multiple instances are allowed though this is not typically seen in the…

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Limiting Bolt Threads vs Connections

Given high levels of read/write transaction requests, some ingress transactions may be rejected by the Neo4j server and the below error may be reported in the Neo4j debug.log: Whilst the…

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