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Can I use NFS as my filesystem or datastore storage?

The short answer is no. Although this may seem harmless, the reason for this is not performance related, but rather for control over locking files. NFS and other filesystems that…

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Capacity Planning Example

Here is a back of the napkin example of capacity planning for a Neo4j workload for the following list of requirements: Requirements Analysis 1) Estimating an initial database size of…

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How deletes work in Neo4j

Neo4j uses logical deletes to delete from the database to achieve maximum performance and scalability. To understand how this might appear to an operator of the database, lets take a…

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How do I recover from No space left on device

If one does not routinely monitor the disk space usage on a Neo4j server one may encounter a 'No space left on device' (for linux implementation) or a 'Low Disk…

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Neo4j behaviour when running out of disk space (3.4+)

Following the improvements on the recovery process after an instance runs out of disk space introduced in v3.4.0, this article aims to offer a view on the behaviour of Neo4j…

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Understanding Neo4j’s data on disk

Neo4j database files are persisted to storage for long term durability. Data related files located in data/databases/graph.db (v3.x+) by default in the Neo4j data directory. Below will give you an…

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