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Consideration about routing tables on multi-data center deployments

Using the official Neo4j drivers means that you can take advantage of the full cluster routing capabilities of the drivers. This means your requests will be routed automatically to the…

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Enabling Transaction Timeout Within Application

There is a dbms.transaction.timeout global setting on Neo4j that can be set in neo4j.conf file so if any query from any user exceeds the timeout threshold specified, that query is…

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Linkurious bolt configuration

Default Linkurious configuration contains the following snippet in the production.json configuration file: With the documentation stating the following: Where the URL can be set to http/https/bolt/bolt+routing. However, using the above…

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Pass Temporal Objects as Parameters

With the support of datetime types in Neo4j, users might wonder how or if it works to transport those types along with other data types via the drivers. It is…

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When to use bookmarks

Bookmarks are part of a broader topic: Causal consistency. We recommend reading the introduction to Neo4j Causal Clustering and the lifecycle of a Neo4j Causal Cluster before reading further. Pay…

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