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How to diagnose locking issues

Since Neo4j 3.4 it’s possible to better understand locking issues caused by concurrent query. This KB article will not detail the basics of locking in Neo4j. We assume a situation…

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Explanation of error "DeadlockDetectedException: ForsetiClient[0] can’t acquire ExclusiveLock…​ …​"

Under specific scenarios a DeadlockDetectedException may be encountered and the behavior is described at When a DeadlockDetected is encountered one option is to simply retry the statement. As a…

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Lock Manager Differences Explained

Work in Progress Community: uses Java intrinsic locks, i.e. ’synchronized’. this might not perform that well on multiprocessor machines uses Thread.sleep() and Thread.interrupt() to wait for locks. this involves context…

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Shared vs Exclusive Transaction locks

This document describes the meaning of a shared lock as seen by transactions and the difference between a shared and exclusive lock. A "shared lock" means multiple transactions can be…

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