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Using Python 1.7.x Driver with Neo4j 4.0

At the time of writing this article the Bolt Driver for Python has not been released for Neo4j 4.0. The v4 Python driver will not be available until the end of the first quarter of 2020.

So, how do you connect to Neo4j 4.0 with 1.7.x generation of Python drivers?

The most important thing to remember is that you have to disable encrypted traffic, when using 1.7.x generation drivers against 4.0.x database.

Here is how you do it:

from neo4j import GraphDatabase

uri = "bolt://localhost:7687"

driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=("neo4j", "letmein"), encrypted=False)

def print_movies_acted_in(tx, name):
    for record in"MATCH (a:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m) "
                         "WHERE = $name "
                         "RETURN m.title", name=name):

with driver.session() as session:
    session.read_transaction(print_movies_acted_in, "Keanu Reeves")

Notice the encrypted configuration set through the Driver constructor. It defaults to True if TLS is available.

driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=("neo4j", "letmein"), encrypted=False)

For more details on the Driver object, please refer to the following link -

As expected the result of the above code would be:

The Matrix Revolutions
The Matrix Reloaded
Something's Gotta Give
The Devil's Advocate
The Replacements
Johnny Mnemonic
The Matrix