Connection hints

As of version 4.3, the server may optionally include a set of configuration hints within the SUCCESS metadata provided in response to the HELLO message. Drivers may choose to interpret or ignore these hints at their own discretion. The following set of hints are currently defined.

connection.recv_timeout_seconds - v4.3

Maximum amount of time (in seconds) for which a connection may remain idle following a request before drivers should consider it stale.

The server will ensure that a chunk (or NOOP chunk) will be transmitted at least once per timeout period. Drivers which choose to interpret this hint may terminate connections which are considered stale by the definition of this hint.

C: HELLO {"user_agent": "Example/4.0.0", "scheme": "basic", "principal": "test", "credentials": "test"}
S: SUCCESS {"server": "Neo4j/4.0.0", "connection_id": "example-connection-id:1", "hints": {"connection.recv_timeout_seconds": 120}}