Known Issues

This feature has been released as a public beta in AuraDB Enterprise October Release and Neo4j Enterprise Edition 5.13 and breaking changes are likely to be introduced before it is made generally available (GA).

Neo4j 5.13

As of Neo4j 5.13 the CDC feature has the following known issues.

Entity keys

Neo4j permits multiple KEY constraints on any given label. CDC does not distinguish between separate keys per node label/relationship type and merges the properties from each key constraint into one map. This may lead to unexpected behaviour around selecting changes by node or relationship key.

The API may change during Beta to resolve this issue.

Selector behaviour

In Neo4j 5.13, change selectors are evaluated against the state of the changed entity as it was before the change was applied. This may lead to unexpected behaviour when selecting changes based on properties that have changed.

As an example, the following change would not be returned when using the selector {select:n, labels:[NewLabel]}

MATCH (n:OldLabel) SET n:NewLabel REMOVE n:OldLabel

The behaviour may change during Beta to evaluate the selector against a combination of before and after states.