The Neo4j Graph Algorithms User Guide v3.5

License: Creative Commons 4.0

The Graph Algorithms library has been deprecated, please see the Graph Data Science (GDS) docs.

This is the user guide for Neo4j Graph Algorithms version 3.5, authored by the Neo4j Team.

The guide covers the following areas:

In addition to the above algorithms, there are a large number of algorithm implementations developed as part of Neo4j Labs. These include algorithms in various categories, including categories in which there are officially supported algorithms. The Neo4j Labs algorithms are documented in Chapter 9, Neo4j Labs Graph Algorithms. Please note that Neo4j Labs algorithms are not supported for production purposes.

Graph Algorithms

Graph Algorithms: Practical Examples in Apache Spark and Neo4j, by Mark Needham & Amy E. Hodler and published by O’Reilly Media is available now.

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