Migration Guide

@neo4j/graphql was never intended to be a drop-in replacement for neo4j-graphql-js. However, simple applications should have a fairly trivial migration process.

How to Upgrade

You need to uninstall the old library and install the new one (and its peer dependencies) using npm or your package manager of choice:

npm uninstall neo4j-graphql-js
npm install @neo4j/graphql graphql neo4j-driver

From this point on, see each section within this guide:

  1. Server for how to generate a schema and host it using Apollo Server, including database configuration

  2. Type Definitions for the changes needed in your type definitions, including GraphQL types and directives

  3. Queries for how you need to change your queries to work with the new schema

  4. Mutations for how you need to change your mutations to work with the new schema

Subscriptions are not supported at this stage.