Create Subscriptions

Subscriptions to CREATE events will listen to newly created nodes. A new event will be triggered for each new node. The event will contain the node’s properties.

Only nodes created will trigger this event, new relationships will not trigger the event.

CREATE event

A subscription to a type can be made with the top-level subscription [type]Created. The subscription will contain the following fields:

  • event: The event triggering this subscription, in this case it will always be "CREATE".

  • created<typename>: The properties of the newly created node, only top-level properties, without relationships, are available.

  • timestamp: The timestamp in which the mutation was made. Note that multiple events may come with the same timestamp if triggered by the same query.


Considering the following type definitions:

type Movie {
    title: String
    genre: String

A subscription to any Movie created would look like:

subscription {
    movieCreated {
        createdMovie {