Delete Subscriptions

Subscriptions are only available as a beta its API may change in the future. It is not recommended to use subscriptions in production environments.

Subscriptions to DELETE events will trigger on deleted nodes.

Only deleted nodes will trigger this event, deleted relationships will not trigger any event.

DELETE event

A subscription to a type can be made with the top-level subscription \[type\]Deleted. The subscription will contain the following fields:

  • event: The event triggering this subscription, in this case it will always be "DELETE".

  • deleted\[type\]: The top-level properties of the deleted node, these will be the properties right before the node was deleted. Relationships are not available.


Considering the following type definitions:

type Movie {
    title: String
    genre: String

A subscription to any deleted Movie would look like:

subscription {
    movieDeleted {
        deletedMovie {

Using where

Basic filtering of events can be done with the where parameter. This lets you filter on top-level properties of the deleted nodes. Only events matching these properties and type will be returned to this subscription.


Assuming the same type definitions as before, we can filter our movies by their genre:

movieCreated(where: {genre: "Drama"}) {
    createdMovie {

This way, only deleted movies with the genre "Drama" will trigger events to this subscription.

Where will only filter by existing properties right before deletion.