Migrate a Causal Cluster (offline)

This chapter describes the necessary steps to migrate a Causal Cluster from Neo4j version 3.5 to 4.0.

The migration of a Causal Cluster from Neo4j version 3.5 to 4.0 requires downtime. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a test migration in a production-like environment to get information on the duration of the downtime.

To migrate from 3.5.latest to a version beyond 4.0, the cluster must first be migrated to 4.0 and thereafter upgraded to desired version. See Operations Manual → Upgrade (version 4.1) and/or Operations Manual → Upgrade (version 4.2) for more information.

All the steps must be completed for each cluster member.

Pre-migration steps
  • Verify that you have installed Java 11.

  • Refer to Supported paths regarding supported migration paths.

  • Read Prepare to migrate thoroughly and perform all the steps listed there.


Perform and verify backups:


The migration of a cluster follows the same procedure as the cluster upgrade. For detailed instructions, see Operations Manual → Offline upgrade.

For a tutorial on backing up a single database in a running 3.5.x Neo4j instance and restoring it in a running Neo4j 4.0 instance, see Tutorial: Back up and restore a database in a Neo4j standalone instance.