Migrate databases from v4.4

Databases can only be migrated to Neo4j v5 from Neo4j v4.4.

It is recommended to read the Introduction section before continuing.

To migrate databases from Neo4j v4.4 you must first configure a new Neo4j v5 DBMS, whether standalone or in a cluster. The databases hosted on Neo4j v4.4 can then be moved to the new Neo4j v5 DBMS.

Depending on your environment, this could require substantial preparation and planning. The steps have broken down into four stages, as outlined below:

  1. Prepare - Changes between Neo4j v4.4 and Neo4j v5 can have implications for systems and users relying on Neo4j. Additionally, the migration process itself will require some downtime. See Prepare for your migration for details.

  2. Backup - Migrating your v4.4 databases requires that you have a dump or a backup of every database you want to migrate to Neo4j v5. See Backup your databases for details.

  3. Install and configure Neo4j v5 - There are changes to how Neo4j is configured, particularly the new autonomous clusters. See Install and configure Neo4j v5 for details. Roles and privileges must also be copied over.

  4. Migrate databases - Once affected systems are prepared, and Neo4j v5 is correctly configured, you are ready to migrate the databases. See Migrate your databases for details.

The Reference section contains:

  • Additional resources that are referred to throughout the guide.

  • A guide specific to migrating a standalone server deployed on Kubernetes with the neo4j/neo4j-standalone Helm chart from version v4.4 to v5.x; see Migrate a standalone server (Helm).