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All Things LLM: Vector Stores, Knowledge Graphs & Models

Join the Haystack, neo4j, Qdrant and teams for an evening of talks, drinks, snacks, and lots of socializing.

​6PM: Doors Open
​6:30-7PM: Mingle, grab a drink, have some food
​7-8:30 PM: Talks begin with an intro from your MC: Bilge Yücel
​8:30-9:30: Networking and more drinks/food
​9:30-10PM: vacate the venue


​1. Opening Notes from Haystack – by Bilge Yücel
​Some information about the meetup and Haystack by Bilge Yucel. ****Get to learn about Haystack 2.0 and all the cool ways you can customize your AI pipelines.

​2. Superpower your GenAI-Applications with GraphRAG using Haystack and Neo4j by Michael Hunger
​As you might have experienced, LLMs are powerful but not always trustworthy assistants. With a combination of a knowledge graph and vector search, you can provide the LLM with the correct, relevant context information it needs to answer your user’s questions. GraphRAG is an advanced RAG (retrieval augmented generation) pattern in the Haystack-Neo4j integration. ​In this talk, we’ll explain and demonstrate the building blocks of such an approach and show an example of code and live in action. ​Of course, nothing is perfect; it’s important to walk through the challenges of building such GenAI apps and how to address them.

​3. Talk by Qdrant

​4. Talk by
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