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Architect in a DevOps world & justifying a brand new Object Mapper

“What the hell, it’s the 2020s and you’ve created a new Object mapping framework?” by Michael Simons 2014, the reactive manifesto has been written: A pledge to make systems responsive, resilient, elastic and message driven. Two years later, reactive programming went mainstream with the likes of Spring Webflux and Project Reactor. Two years after that: many NoSQL databases provide reactive database access. Neo4j, a transactional Graph database, lagged behind, until a big cross team effort provided reactive database access to Neo4j. A front to end reactive stack, right from the query execution engine, to the transport layer and ultimately the driver was born. But…: What to do with an existing Object mapper that had been deeply inspired by Hibernate and was working on a fully hydrated subgraph client side? Hear about the story how a data access framework with plenty cool features, was developed.
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