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Engineering Kiosk Alps Meetup Innsbruck

Join us at Engineering Kiosk Alps, a dynamic tech meetup happening in the heart of the Alps, in Innsbruck! This event brings together tech enthusiasts, engineers, and professionals from various fields to explore the intersection of engineering culture, open source, people and technology.

Unleashing the Power of Graphs in Java Code Structure Analysis
Johannes Troppacher

This talk explores Java code structure analysis using Graphs. It provides an introduction to Graphs and underscores their significance in both Graph Analysis and the field of Graph Data Science. The journey begins with exploring queries to analyze code dependencies and progresses to the application of graph algorithms for tasks such as community detection, centrality, and similarity. Additionally, the talk provides an introduction to node embeddings for machine learning. By the end of this presentation, software professionals will be well-equipped to extract valuable insights from Java code bases effectively. With software engineering, I turned one of my hobbies into my profession. I started programming as a kid and am still as passionate about it as I was back then. My work life started at Allgemeines Rechenzentrum (ARZ) in Innsbruck where I worked for 22+ years on the core banking system for accounts. I started as a mainframe developer with COBOL and switched then to Java. Later, i was leading a small team with members in Vienna and Innsbruck. In Mai 2023 I joined Dynatrace where I’m now writing apps for the 3rd gen of the product mainly using TypeScript. I spend my free time with my wife and two kids, playing and making music and sometimes also contributing to open source projects or publishing my own ideas.
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