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GenAI Stack Workshop

With the breakthrough of large language models, adding generative AI capabilities to your applications is now possible for every developer. But where to start? In a partnership between Docker, Neo4j, LangChain, and Ollama we created a GenAI App Dev Stack for building database-backed GenAI applications. Just with a single “docker-compose up”, you get them up and running and can start importing data and creating vector embeddings as well as using an example chatbot application to answer natural language questions using a combination of a Large Language Model and a Knowledge Graph. In this session, we will look behind the scenes into the containers of the App Dev Stack, how they work together and how the LangChain and Streamlit Python apps are implemented. We will use data from Stackoverflow, so you can fetch topics that you’re interested in. This should give you the setup, confidence and convenience to get going with your first applications that use large language models.

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Enter the Docker AI/ML Hackathon with $20k in prizes! Deadline: Nov 7, 2023 @ 5:00pm PST