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LLM + Knowledge Graph FTW

One evening, two speakers, a world of learning. Join us for a deep technical dive into Generative AI, Large Language Models and Knowledge Graphs.
  • GPT = Generative Pre-trained Transformer
  • LLM = Large Language Model
  • KG = Knowledge Graph
  • RAG = Retrieval Augmented Generation
First speaker: Andreas Kollegger on 3 Bridges from LLMs to Your Data
When building GenerativeAI applications there are 3 common scenarios for bridging to your private data, each with different techniques: pure text, pure data, and a mix of both. We’ll walk through the data models and explore the approaches they require.

Second speaker: Adam Cowley on Building a Chatbot with Langchain
Using Langchain, we’ll walk through creating a chatbot optimised for making movie recommendations that draws from
  • techniques for prompting an LLM
  • applying RAG to provide correctness
  • integrating with a database
Neo4j UK, 182-194 Union Street, Union House
London, United Kingdom
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