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Meetup @ GraphSummit Milan

We are back on the road to deliver the latest and greatest of graphs, come along and connect with fellow Neo4j enthusiasts in Milan! To finish GraphSummit Milan we are hosting a Meetup. There will be beer and pizza (of course) and we want to discuss graphs and Neo4j with the community. Talk #1 How the usage of Graph Data Science and Graph AI tackles business problems in different sectors – Alberto de Lazzari, Chief Scientist Larus Using connected data has been proved to be a game-changer in many business problems spanning from financial and insurance services to manufacturing and utilities. Graph algorithms and graph AI are the fundamental blocks that every enterprise should adopt to improve data knowledge and make better decisions. Many algorithms can be applied in different sectors to solve different problems and have broad applicability. During the session, we will explore how to use different algorithm-based approaches to solve some common problems like in an electric power distribution network or a chain of credit card transactions. We will discuss how complex graph data can be used to improve the outcomes of AI algorithms and help understand them. During the session, a short demo will be presented. Talk #2 Graph technology supporting the development of Embodied Conversational Agents in the Unreal Engine – Antonio Origlia (University of Naples “Federico II”) The rapid development of Natural Language Processing techniques dedicated to dialogue management and the representational power brought by knowledge graphs provides a strong push towards the development of Embodied Conversational Agents. These are virtual representations of human characters that can interact with human users through natural language and represent the future of Virtual Assistants. The Framework for Advanced Natural Tools and Applications with Social, Interactive Agents (FANTASIA) extends the functionalities provided by the Unreal Engine Editor by providing easy access to powerful AI technologies enabling Virtual Humans to engage in conversations, among which there is also Neo4j. Graph based knowledge is a fundamental part of this approach, as it can be used to host domain knowledge and track dialogues evolution for a continuous improvement of the agents’ capabilities. The talk will present how Neo4j was integrated with the Unreal Engine to support tasks like information retrieval, recommendation and dialogue state tracking. We also have a special gift to all participants of the Meetup which revolves around Neo4j AuraDB – for now we cannot say more! But we are sure you will like it! You are welcome to join the full GraphSummit event! Please register here:
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