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Neo4j @ GraphQL Galaxy

Want to know the future of the GraphQL ecosystem and get in touch with its stellar pros? Attend a conference on all things GQL, gathering thousands of international software engineers in the cloud. Besides the main GraphQL conference talks delivered by well-known pros, be prepared for awesome MCs and a number of virtual networking activities, interactive entertainment, and engaging challenges for all participants.

Real-Time Data Updates for Neo4j Using GraphQL Subscriptions
Join Thomas from the GraphQL Team at Neo4j as he talks about one of the newest features of the Neo4j GraphQL Library: GraphQL Subscriptions. Using this new feature, GraphQL API consumers can listen to data changes in real-time, which happen in Neo4j via the GraphQL Library. Following a high-level overview of the Neo4j GraphQL Library, he will demonstrate the new Subscriptions feature.


Building GraphQL APIs With The Neo4j GraphQL Library & Neo4j AuraDB
Learn how to use the Neo4j GraphQL library to build Node.js GraphQL APIs backed by the Neo4j graph database. This course covers building GraphQL APIs using the Neo4j GraphQL Library and the Neo4j AuraDB cloud-native database to build an ecomerce GraphQL API backed by a native graph database in the cloud.

Hands-On With SwiftUI, GraphQL, & Neo4j AuraDB
Bring the power of graphs to iOS mobile app development in this hands-on workshop. We will explore how to use the Neo4j GraphQL Library to build GraphQL APIs backed by Neo4j AuraDB and how to integrate GraphQL into an iOS app using SwiftUI and the Apollo iOS GraphQL library as we build a news reader mobile app.
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