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Neo4j Live: NODES Speaker Roundtable

Speaker Panel with guests from NODES 2022 to discuss about their upcoming sessions as well as Graphs and Neo4j in General.

– Estelle Scifo
Building a Neo4j/Python OGM
Leverage Cypher map projections and Python dynamic typing to build an Object Graph Mapper for Neo4j. In this step-by-step session, you’ll learn how to get started on such a project, from defining the framework API to automatically building Cypher queries.

– Sixing Huang A Graph-Based Medical Chatbot
Knowledge graphs are prevalent, especially in medicine and healthcare – but so far, only experts can operate them. A natural language chatbot can change that. We have developed a cloud-native medical chatbot called, backed by a Neo4j graph.

– Owen Brierley
Towards Real-time Knowledge Graphs for Non-Player Characters in Games
This demonstration will show how game design researchers have implemented the use of Neo4j as a tool for creating long-term memory and knowledge for non-player characters, player performance recording, and other applications.

– Dekel Paz
BlueHound: Community-Driven Security Based on Neo4j and NeoDash
BlueHound is a new open-source cybersecurity tool originally inspired by and forked from NeoDash, Neo4j’s dashboard builder, which helps create visualizations for graph data.

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