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Neo4j Live: Unlocking the Potential of LLMs & Knowledge Graphs through Visualization

Join us to discover how LLMs, graph data, and rapid visualisation revolutionise investigative capabilities by easing data access and enhancing observability and explainability. LLMs excel in evaluating and extracting information from vast unstructured data. Visualising connections in graph data is critical to setting the context and explaining the knowledge graphs built from these extensive document sets. We will walk through how AI-powered graph solutions can contextualise large documents as a knowledge graph by jump-starting and streamlining data enrichment, entity and relationship extraction, and providing visual explainability from the original data sources.
Harnessing the power of LLMs with knowledge graph construction through graph databases like Neo4j lets investigators use comprehensive and interconnected information to uncover hidden patterns, identify potential threats, and make informed decisions.

Guests: Ben Goosman & Dienert Vieira, Kineviz
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