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Reduce Your API Security Risk by Leveraging Graph Analytics

Broken, hacked, and exposed APIs are behind the significant high-profile data breaches and why API security is a hot-button security topic. A single, poorly-designed API can represent multiple access points into your organization’s network, customer, and financial data, costing you billions annually. APIs were named as the number one attack vector in 2022 again. With the number of APIs expected to reach the trillions by 2031, your organization’s attack surface is expanding massively and rapidly in real time.

Join us for this 45-minute webinar where you’ll learn:

  • Why perimeter tools alone are not able to handle and stop attacks

  • Which improvements are necessary for securing and managing APIs

  • How graph technology, graph analytics, and Neo4j Graph Data Science provide organizations an innovative way to address a multitude of API problems

  • How to connect your API landscape into a single, unified effort and support all your API stakeholders

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