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Virtual Data Innovation Summit Belgium – CovidGraph: A Knowledge Graph on COVID19

The advance of AI- technology has a revolutionizing effect on every industry, including healthcare. It has the potential to improve humanity’s health and wellbeing. For example, AI-based decision support improves healthcare professionals’ work and enables doctors to support patients in a personalized way. And from a biomedical perspective, AI can help with, e.g. disease prediction and drug discovery.

Martin Preusse, Graph Builder at Kaiser & Preusse will present “CovidGraph: A knowledge graph on COVID19”. CovidGraph was founded in early 2020 as a nonprofit collaboration of researchers, software developers, data scientists, and medical professionals. In April 2021, CovidGraph became part of HealthECCO and will be pursued under this umbrella going forward. The research and communication platform we built starting with the CovidGraph project currently includes over 130,000 publications, case statistics, genes and functions, molecular data, and more.

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