Graph Databases are an amazing tool to discover connections in real-world data. Neo4j has a long history of being used by journalists, including the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The ICIJ used the Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks datasets to investigate and draw connections between people, shell companies and firms which helped create them. (Database Download, Why Graph Databases).

What is the Accelerator Program?

The Neo4j Developer Relations team wants to work with interested data journalists to help them understand how their data would be modeled as a graph database and what types of queries might be helpful to explore the graph. Drawing new connections between existing information and new sources allows new stories to be uncovered and told.

Short Application Process

We have a quick application process for us to understand your goals and your data. Our Engineers will work with selected applicants over the coming weeks to help you start being successful using Neo4j – either the community or enterprise editions. The only thing we ask is that you mention your usage of Neo4j in any resulting stories.

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