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Hardware Sizing Calculator

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Get the Recommended Hardware Setup for Your Neo4j Deployment

Please note: For use cases with large graphs or high transaction volume, it's important to work with the Neo4j engineering team to get things right. For this reason, the calculator is currently limited to graphs of about 64GB in size and 4 cores.
For larger deployments, please contact us. We want to help!

Estimated Load

The calculator can estimate your application load with the following input:

Or you can just directly enter it below:

Estimated Graph Size

The calculator can estimate your memory requirements with the following input:

You can use suffixes k, m, g or b to denote larger values, e.g. 10m.

Graph exceeds calculator limits

For larger or more transaction-intensive graphs, it's best to consult with a Neo4j engineer.
Please contact us — we'd love to hear more about your use-case and make sure you have the right setup!


These results are a rough estimate of requirements based on a small amount of information. Please contact us before deployment for an estimate customized to your specific use case.

Recommended System Requirements

Number of Cores
Size on Disk MB
Number of nodes
Number of relationships
Properties per Node
Properties per Relationship
Estimated graph size on disk MB
Concurrent requests per second
Average request time ms

Sorry, we are unable to provide a recommendation right now

Please contact Neo4j for a review of your hardware configuration.