Quick Start

Get started fast for common scenarios

Download a Release

Find the URL of a copy of a release; it will be named neo4j-$RELEASEVERSION.tgz

You must set acceptLicenseAgreement=yes to accept the license, or your deployment will not succeed.

Standalone (Single Server)

For Neo4j standalone (i.e . excluding Neo4j Causal Cluster) productized Helm charts for are available for Neo4j 4.3 and above.

That is the recommended way to run a standalone Neo4j server in Kubernetes. Full details are in the Kubernetes section of the Neo4j operations manual

helm install mygraph RELEASE_URL \
    --set core.standalone=true \
    --set acceptLicenseAgreement=yes \
    --set neo4jPassword=mySecretPassword

Causal Cluster

helm install mygraph RELEASE_URL \
    --set acceptLicenseAgreement=yes \
    --set neo4jPassword=mySecretPassword \
    --set core.numberOfServers=3 \
    --set readReplica.numberOfServers=0


helm uninstall mygraph

Where to Go For Help

If you have a question not covered in this user guide in the other sections, the Neo4j Community Site is a great place to ask for help.