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Now you can start learning with the Neo4j Sandbox, and then put those skills to use on a persistent, free-forever Neo4j AuraDB database in the cloud

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Optimized for data relationships

What is Neo4j?

Unlike traditional databases, which arrange data in rows, columns and tables, Neo4j has a flexible graph structure that stores the relationships between data records.

Because Neo4j is optimized for data relationships, queries of today’s massive, complex datasets are orders of magnitude faster and deeper than those of other databases — including modern NoSQL flavors.

learn neo4j with the sandbox

Get Started with Neo4j

If you’re just starting out, the best learning tool is Neo4j Sandbox. The Sandbox offers a variety of sample datasets and requires no download — you can launch and start making your own Cypher queries within a couple minutes.

If you already know how to use Neo4j, you can go straight to the Neo4j AuraDB console and fire up a free Neo4j database right now. It’s free forever, and no credit card is required.

The Neo4j Sandbox is a great way to learn about Neo4j. It offers sample datasets, walkthroughs and example queries.

best for beginners

The Movies Sandbox

To get started, go to and launch your own personal copy of the Movies Sandbox. Follow the tutorial to learn Neo4j concepts and perform basic Cypher queries:

  • What is Cypher?
  • Nodes and Relationships
  • Labels and Properties
  • How to Select (or “Match”) data
  • And much more
Start the movies sandbox

The Movies Sandbox explains Neo4j basics, using a domain — movies, actors and directors — most people are familiar with.

No download required!

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