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Learn how Neo4j has revolutionized working with connected data.
Join our 30-minute graph database demos where product experts showcase key Neo4j features and answer questions live from the audience.

Neo4j Live Demo: Graph Data Science and Machine Learning

Predictive Modeling and Analytics with Graph Data Science for Better Machine Learning Thinking about incorporating relationships into your data to improve machine learning? Maybe you’re creating a knowledge graph to investigate dependencies and find counterfactuals. Relationships are highly predictive of… Read more →

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Neo4j Live Demo: Graph Recommendation Systems

Real-time recommendation engines are key to the success of any online business. Join us for a 30-minute live demo where you'll learn how to build a recommendation engine using graph data science techniques.

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Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j: Neo4j Knowledge Session

This session teaches how to design and implement a graph data model and associated queriesWith a mixture of instruction and hands-on practice sessions, you’ll learn how to apply the property graph model to solve common modeling problems. You’ll also learn… Read more →

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