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Learn how Neo4j has revolutionized working with connected data.
Join our 30-minute graph database demos where product experts showcase key Neo4j features and answer questions live from the audience.

Neo4j Live Demo: Key Features – Europe

In this live demo showcasing key features of our graph data platform, you'll learn how Neo4j has revolutionized modern data and analytics through the power of connected data. Our experts also walk you through a StackOverflow example, extracting questions, answers,… Read more →

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Neo4j Live Demo: Supply Chain

The global supply chain is in turmoil, but organizations can build a resilient supply chain using graph techniques. Join us for a 30-minute live demo where you’ll learn to perform real-time analytics on large datasets to optimize routes for delivery… Read more →

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Neo4j Live Demo: Graph Data Science and Machine Learning

Improve Predictions and Machine Learning Models with Graph Data Science Thinking about incorporating relationships into your data to improve predictions and machine learning models? Maybe you are creating a knowledge graph or looking for a way to improve customer 360,… Read more →

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