Free Video: What Does MDM Have To Do With Innovation?

You might have heard the idea that "Data is the new oil." But what does that mean, and how does it relate to the "Innovation Gap" that technology leaders are trying to address with their data initiatives?

This video will cover the source of this innovation gap and how leading organizations are leveraging new technology to gain data insights to build apps that work at the speed of business. You’ll learn how winning organizations connect their systems of analysis and insight with their systems of engagement and interaction to deliver a superior digital customer experience.

The video also discusses an exciting new role emerging within the digital economy and how you can position yourself for advancement as your organization transforms.

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"The great irony is that relational databases are terrible with relationships. But all data is inherently related. Relationships matter, and relational databases just don’t get you there."

-- Clark Richey, CTO and Cofounder, FactGem