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White Paper: Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Yesterday's breakthrough applications were driven by big data – tomorrow's breakthrough applications will be driven by connected data. No longer powered merely by data transactions, these applications draw together every system across the entire enterprise.

Traditional databases are useful for automating well-structured business processes. However, they cannot easily model or store data and its relationships.

Graph databases, however, give you the ability to naturally store, manage, analyze, and view the connections within your data. Companies that use a graph database in conjunction with (or in place of) relational and NoSQL database management systems see real benefits and a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in their markets.

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"A graph database allows you to be far more efficient in terms of traversing from one point to another. A relational database could do the work at the end of the day, but it doesn’t allow you to traverse from one point to another point along a path. This is where a graph-based database makes sense."

-- Neils Meersschaert, CTO, Qualia