Neo4j is Built to Perform at Scale

Thousands of companies, with more than 50 of the Global 2000, rely on Neo4j
to enable mission-critical applications.

Whether serving up online recommendations to millions of web users, managing master data hierarchies, or routing millions of packages per day in real time, Neo4j is built to perform at scale. Neo4j’s native graph architecture combines blazing-fast connected queries with near-linear read scalability, combining high-availability clustering with robust transactional guarantees.


With Neo4j Enterprise, you get:

feature-backupHigh-Performance Cache

Included in Neo4j Enterprise is a high-performance cache, that when enabled, can provide up to 10x the performance under concurrent load.

feature-clusterClustering/Cache Sharding

Neo4j clustering provides scale-out capability for reads: letting you spread out your graph in memory, while ensuring each instance is able to get to any node or relationship at any time using its own local copy. Neo4j’s architecture allows you to maintain blazing speed as your graph grows, while providing high availability via a master-slave HA protocol.

feature-backupHot Backups

Hot backups, available in Neo4j Enterprise, let you take point-in-time backups while the database is running, allowing 24×7 operation, without compromising your availability, or the quality of your backups.

feature-clusterAdvanced Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring provides operational metrics not available in the Community Edition, making it easier to manage your system and keep it running healthy